Use your computer skills to find entry level IT jobs in Birmingham

Now that you have some IT training under your belt, you’re ready to start looking for entry level IT jobs in Birmingham. It’s time to put some of those computer skills to work and sit down at your desk and start your search for employment.

Types of IT Jobs

Most any large corporation or business will have their own IT department. IT covers a lot of different areas, but the one thing they all have in common is computer software. IT can mean the actual creation of specialised computer software for proprietary use. IT can also mean training others in the use of particular software or teaching software program packages. Working in IT is also providing support to users of software and helping out with problem solving and use issues. You could be working in most any type of business, from retail, to proprietary software creation, website design, hospitals, defence, customer service or many others.

Finding an Entry Level IT Job

Whether you are looking for temp jobs in Birmingham, or full time permanent, the best place to find your IT job is over the internet. Doing a search of IT jobs will turn up many options. Most of the positions advertised are through recruitment agencies or websites such as reed.co.uk and fish4jobs that have job openings from several different recruitment agencies. Also, take a look at localrecruit.co.uk/Birmingham and theITjobboard.co.uk.

What to Expect in Salary

Birmingham careers in IT are numerous and varied. Salary depends on the type of IT job you are looking and qualified for. Telephone Support Engineers, Helpdesk, Technical Support Engineer and Customer Support Engineers providing online or telephone support can earn £17,000 to £20,000 per year. A Data Analyst, Data Specialist, Data Migration Software engineer can earn £26,000 to £28,500 and engineers creating code for specialised programming earn £35,000 to £45,000 per year. Entry level IT jobs in Birmingham hold a lot of opportunity for those that have training in the IT fields.


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