Entry level IT jobs: Where to find them

Entry level IT jobs often require applicants to have a degree in IT or at least any other type of undergraduate degree, but with proven skills in IT. In rare cases, you can still apply for this type of job without a diploma or certificate, but that is usually when you have years of relevant experience to back you up. Having a glowing reference would not hurt either.


It is best to start your online search with job search sites that are exclusively devoted to providing job listings in the IT industry. Admittedly, their options are a lot fewer, but you at least know each and every one of them is in the industry you would like to work in. The usual features offered by job search sites are present in IT Jobs for Graduates, and these include search options, a system for uploading CVs and the option to receive email alerts about the latest postings.


The list of IT jobs is definitely more comprehensive on this site compared to the aforementioned site. It also boasts of a very helpful career blog for readers wishing to know more about working in the IT industry. One helpful feature at The IT Job Board is its list of currently recruiting companies.

Entry level IT jobs are probably some of the best paying jobs in this particular level. Competition for these jobs is, however, quite tough so make sure you are at your professional best when you show up for your job interview.

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