Where to find entry level banking jobs

Even the lowest of all entry level banking jobs will still require you to have a college degree under your belt. Although it is preferable that your degree has to do something with economics, finance or business, other types of courses may also do. It all depends on the qualifications set by the company you are applying to.


This website presents a no-fuss layout that lets you upload your CV and browse job listings in an instant. It also has a Banking Job of the Week posted on its homepage. There are basically two types of banking jobs posted on this site: those that are in retail banking and those in investment banking. Hopefully, you know the difference between the two. If not, you may not yet be ready for a job in this industry.


There are also two categories for the job listings on this site. This time, it is between Accountancy as well as Banking and Finance. Rather than having a featured job ad for the week, this website has a Featured Employer on its homepage. It also has a special section for Urgently Required listings, as well as a list of recruiters it transacts with.

Mars Incorporated, Gerrard White and Barclays Corporate are just some of the companies that have ads posted on this site. In the end, just remember that entry level banking jobs – regardless of how much they pay – can serve quite effectively as your stepping stone if you are serious about building a career in banking.

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