Get on the fast track with an entry level accounting job

Finding an entry level accounting job while you are still attending classes can be a very good move. Employers like to see initiative and getting some real-life experience before obtaining your degree is a sure way to show that you have it.

Where to Start Searching

Begin your accounting job search with the trusty daily wanted ads. There will certainly be several accounting jobs available, but you will have to determine which ones are entry level. Some ads will say up front, and some you will have to make inquiries about. Also, put your social networking skills to use and let people know that you are looking for work in accounting.

Move Your Search to the Internet

Keep checking the dailies, but take your job search to the Internet as well. The Internet has literally hundreds of job sites and recruitment agencies that can help you find the job you want. You can search for entry-level jobs and even accounting internships.

Many websites offer job listings from numerous recruitment agencies and from the hiring companies as well. These can be a great resource as they search all the agency listings and job boards and bring you the jobs that fit your search criteria.

Websites to Check

Here are several websites to get you started. Upload your CV to these sites and register to receive daily updates for jobs meeting your requirements.

  • Totallyfinancial.com
  • Careerjet.co.uk
  • Indeed.co.uk
  • Jobsite.co.uk
  • Workgateways.com

You might also look for recruitment agencies in your local area and set an appointment. File your CV with them and let them help you as well in your search for an entry level accounting position.

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