Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses

TEFL courses is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses, and involves teaching students whose first language is not English. Gaining a TEFL certificate is your first step towards teaching English to speakers of other languages. At a minimum, to get a certificate you must complete a 4 week intensive TEFL course of around 120 hours that meets international regulatory standards.

Who is it for

If you are over 18 years of age and have completed secondary education then you are eligible to complete a TEFL course. The majority who take the course have English as their first language. However if English is not your first language but you have a good command of it, you may also take the course after completing a short test.

Types of TEFL certificate

There are a number of organisations offering TEFL courses. The best courses are those validated by reputable agencies who can moderate the course. The Certificate in English Language Training to Adults (CELTA) is one of the best qualifications to start off with.

Job Opportunities

Despite the current economic downturn there are still plenty of TEFL jobs available. Most of these jobs are overseas but some are in the UK teaching English to new migrants. Japan, Korea and China are popular destinations for TEFL teachers and there is a steady demand in other Asian countries too. Rates of pay depend on where you go and your experience but they are generally in line with average wages for the region.


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