Looking for a new career in England? Try teaching

Being a teacher is one of the most valuable career choices out there. Not for the money you make, but for the fact you'll impact children's lives. In England, teaching can be a fabulous career move. But, like anything else, it takes specific characteristics to be a brilliant teacher. If you have most of them, teaching in England could be for you.

Are You Positive? - The most important thing, if you're a teacher, is to be positive. If you're an upbeat person who looks on the bright side, teaching is a job you'd excel in. Positive teachers often end up with a classroom full of happy kids, and that makes for a happy teacher too.

Can You Be Patient? - Kids learn at their own pace. Some get it right away, others take hours. If you have lots of patience, you could be a shoe-in for favourite teacher. The less you push and show impatience the faster they'll want to prove to you they can learn.

Are You Kind? - So many kids in England nowadays have problems at home, the last thing they want is to come to school and be faced with more. If you're a kind person, you can make a huge impact on the kids you teach. One that can literally change a classroom full of lives.

Do You See Good in Others? - Do you find the good in people, even if it's not always obvious? Even if you teach some of the worst behaved kids in the school, there is something wonderful about every child. If you can find that thing in each kid you teach, you'd do better than some of the teachers many of us had.

Do You Like to Have Fun? - Just because you're a teacher, it doesn't mean you have to be boring. Kids love a teacher that teaches them in the classroom, but isn't afraid of having fun either.

Being a good teacher is like being a good person. If you are friendly, kind, and patient and treat everybody with the respect they deserve, why not sign up for teacher training? tda.gov.uk can get you started today.


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