Why you should consider engineering work experience

When you’re looking at starting a course in engineering, it’s worth making sure that this is something you’re going to enjoy. This is when engineering work experience is useful. There are a few companies that will allow students between the years 10 and 13 to find out more about what they do and what the students can expect after study.

BAE Systems is just one option on the list that takes students that live close to them. This is a popular programme for many high school students to do, and there is an extensive application form to fill out. However, doing your engineering work experience here is a great way to see whether a career in the industry is something that you want; you’ll get to see the equipment and even use it.

Local factories near to your home are excellent opportunities to see the engineers at work. This will also help you determine the type of engineering that you want to do or whether you just want to generalise in it. If you do want to specialise then take your time to find a company that does work in the area that you want.

Work experience is also great while you’re at university and there are now many universities that offer sandwich years, usually between the second and final year, so students can get a hands on experience. This is a great way to learn and also opens opportunities for careers after university. You’ll be on a full time wage while on your sandwich course and it will also count as work place experience on your CV.


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