Engineering vacancies on offer worldwide

If you have just graduated from college with an engineering degree you may be wondering what your options are. Alternatively you may have just left a position and wish to plan your next move. Whatever your situation, rest assured that there are many engineering job vacancies on offer throughout the UK and Europe, and also in many countries throughout the world.

When searching for engineering vacancies it is useful to search by industry or by field. Depending on the particular qualification you hold, you may find that there are a number of industries in which you may find employment.

Engineers are in demand by both private and public companies, and pay rates can vary greatly between roles. When applying for any engineering position you should take great care when preparing your CV. Ensure that you include detailed information about your qualifications, and list some of the topics you have covered during your studies. You should especially highlight any subjects that are relevant to your desired position.

One of the most important and distinguishing features of any job applicant is previous experience. Ensure that your application lists any previous engineering experience you have obtained. This can include work placements as part of your studies, summer placements and independent projects. Those who are still in college should bear this requirement in mind and ensure they take advantage of any opportunities to work in engineering during their vacation time.

Further information about engineering vacancies and job listings can be found on Engineering Jobs Europe, at engineer-job.eu.


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