Career guide on engineering occupations

Engineering occupations are central to the smooth operation and growth of a wide range of industries in modern society. From transport, construction, cosmetics to medicine, food and space industries, engineers make things happen in modern life. If you are considering a career as an engineer, then you need to know exactly what the job entails.

Overview of the engineering sector

According to a 2011 report released by Engineering UK, the UK engineering sector employs over 4.5 million people and is almost three times the size of the financial sector. Some of the world’s top engineering firms are hosted in the UK, touching all areas of the economy. Engineering occupations account for almost 19.6% of the country’s GDP, which translated to nearly a fifth of the UK economy.

Many engineers work as part of multi disciplinary teams in a wide range of specialist fields and industries. They offer their expertise in areas dealing with information technology (IT), infrastructure, sanitation, transport, building materials and nanotechnology among other specialist areas.

Career options in engineering

The engineering sector is incredibly large and diverse. Owing to the reach and scope of engineering occupations, the range of jobs available to you in the sector are unparalleled by other sectors. No matter what your interests are, there is almost always a branch of engineering with career options to match your interests.

For example, if you love sports, you can become as sports engineer and work on improving the performance of foot balls, tennis rackets or golf clubs. If, on the other hand, you are fascinated with and have a good grasp of biology, you can become a bio-engineer and work with living organisms. You can even choose to become a chemical engineer and create products like perfumes and shampoos if you are good in chemistry.

Engineers influence every aspect of modern life and your options in the sector are virtually unlimited. Research the career path you would like to follow in engineering and go for it! Engineering jobs are usually very rewarding.

Salaries and remuneration

Engineers enjoy better pay packages than many other graduate professionals, including solicitors and accountants. The starting salary for graduate trainee engineers averages at £28,000 three years after graduating. Only dentistry, medicine and veterinary science jobs have a higher starting salary, according to the Engineering Council.

The highest starting salaries in engineering occupations, however, are typically found in multi-national companies and corporations, especially in the oil industry. It is always a good idea to look for well-paying graduate trainee jobs and fully-fledged engineering opportunities at these multi-national corporations and companies.

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