Applying for engineering jobs in the United Kingdom

Engineering is a very broad discipline with multiple career paths. Qualified engineers from various fields can be employed at all levels of construction, design, research and even finance companies. There are many opportunities available for engineers, and multiple engineering jobs available in the United Kingdom.

While there are many options to choose from, job opportunities are of course limited by the exact qualifications of the engineer in question. The majority of universities and technical colleges throughout the world require that students specialise in the one of the four main subdivisions of engineering - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical. While some crossover can be feasible, jobseekers are advised to primarily apply for engineering jobs for which they have the required skill set.

The National Grid is one of the major employers of engineers in the UK, offering roles in control systems, project management etc. Project engineers can expect to be paid approximately £37k per year while substation craftsmen have a salary in the region of £30k.

Various technological and design companies also provide a number of engineering jobs in the United Kingdom. Again these positions can be available at all levels of the management, design and production structures. Positions are available in aerospace engineering, mechanical design, vehicle manufacture and more.

Those seeking engineering jobs in the United Kingdom can find comprehensive and detailed job listings on the Engineering Jobs Europe website. While this site also features advertisements from Europe, the vast majority of postings on the site are from UK based companies. The Engineering Jobs Europe database can be accessed at engineer-job.eu.


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