Status of engineering jobs in the UK

Engineering is a broad field with different specialisations. All these specialisations require a thorough understanding of the basic sciences and a mastery of the different processes their work entails. There is a big demand for different types of engineers and the compensation is more than adequate, considering all the hurdles engineering students go through before getting their license.


The package

These days, offers sometimes start at £25,000 and go as high as £40,000. The shortage in some sectors is so acute companies are not shy paying engineers £600 to £700 a day.

Engineers with extensive experiences are offered higher pay, while newcomers are also offered corresponding better salaries. Some of the most in-demand engineering jobs the UK has are from the following industries.

Food and construction

The food and beverage industry, one of nation’s biggest, has a shortage of the right engineers for senior positions. Consequently, the present scarcity drives salaries up.

Construction has been growing 17% annually. After being pumped up by a £76 Billion construction outlay pledged by the government for the next five years, the pinch is starting to show.

Power and biosciences

The boom in oil and gas industries has been powered by world-wide demands. High prices also pushed its processing to maximum, which in turn creates more engineering vacancies.

The biosciences presently need more engineers making medical equipment. At present, close to half of the companies have problems filling up vacancies.

Military and transportation

The military needs more people, particularly engineers (systems, electrical, structural, mechanical, etc) to maintain its competitive advantage. At present, it is 2nd to the US in the number of employees.

In transportation, the number of vehicles in the UK doubled since 1982. Maintaining and redeveloping the roads naturally require more engineers.

Other industries

More sectors (railway system, aerospace, renewable energy, chemical) are all experiencing difficulties finding engineers to fill up vacancies. Aerospace is expected to grow heavily thanks to large contracts. The rails are refurbished in time for the 2012 Olympics.

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