How to find engineering jobs in Scotland

It doesn't matter what kind of engineer you are, you'll find engineering jobs in Scotland. Major recruitment firms are always looking for good employees, as are engineering companies themselves. Permanent positions are available, as well as a huge array of contract or temporary jobs - perfect if you want to get as much experience as possible.

A great place to start your job hunt is engineeringjobs.co.uk. They have job leads for all types of engineering jobs from aircraft engineers to process engineers, principal engineers to civil engineers - whatever your speciality, you're bound to find a job listing in Scotland for it.

They also deal with contracts for many of Scotland's oil and gas, and refinery and petrochemical industries. So, if your expertise lies there, you should find your job search a breeze.

thecareerengineer.com has a huge number of listings for Scotland, particularly in the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Aberdeen areas of the country.

Engineers with wind energy experience, software engineers, defence sector engineers and oil and gas experts are particularly sought after, although all types of engineer are wanted.

Don't forget to register with the site, set up a profile and upload your CV. Be specific about the type of job you want and the areas of Scotland you prefer.

jobs.theengineer.co.uk is an incredible website for the ambitious engineer. You can upload your profile, set up a job alert e-mail, get some career advice and browse, and apply for a huge list of job vacancies.

They also have some excellent articles on various engineering sectors and a video section with videos about the latest engineering breakthroughs.


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