Engineering - Job vacancies and industry opportunities

Engineering is an incredibly broad subject that can be subdivided into numerous subtopics. Due to the nature of this field however, qualified engineers are in constant demand throughout the world. Many engineering job vacancies are available in construction and design, but the list of opportunities is long and extremely varied.

Engineering can of course be subdivided into four primary fields - Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical. Each of these subject areas includes its own set of subdivisions, all of which specialise in certain areas.

Therefore those holding qualifications in engineering should take the time to examine their options when searching for jobs. For example a degree in mechanical engineering can pave the way for an exciting career as an aerospace engineer, a naval engineer, or as part of a racing car design team. Alternatively, mechanical engineers may prefer to work in acoustical engineering, working closely with architects on building design. All of these options and more are available to mechanical engineers, just one branch of the engineering profession.

Civil engineers are also in high demand, particularly in the building industry. Civil engineers are generally involved with the effective design of buildings, roadways and other constructions. While their skills may be applied to a number of varying projects, their primary role is to ensure that all buildings are designed in a physically sound and safe manner.

Electrical engineers can work on building projects also, or in the computing and technological industries. Engineering job vacancies are listed on the usual job websites, such as jobisjob.co.uk.


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