Pre employment training for a beauty therapist

Undertaking some employment training is essential if you are thinking of entering a career in beauty therapy and you need to be committed to undertaking training up to NVQ Level 3. Once qualified you also need to be committed to professional development to learn new skills and techniques.

An NVQ in beauty therapy at level 2 is made up of several modules which will provide the basis to work in the industry. The first eight modules which are compulsory include health and safety, promotion of products and or services to customers, maintain effectiveness at work, providing facial treatments, enhance eyebrows and eyelashes, waxing, manicure and pedicure. There are a number of optional modules which must be taken to obtain the correct number of units to obtain the full qualification. In combination with the NVQ students are also required to undertake some form of work experience. This may be arranged by the college or training provider whereby the student undertakes a period of work experience within a salon or spa to fine tune their knowledge and improve their skills. Also within the college, there may be a salon where students can work on ‘models’ undertaking specific treatments which they have learned about through the NVQ.

The NVQ level 2 usually takes up to 12 months to complete and is awarded after a practical assessment and the submission of a written portfolio. Progression onto the NVQ Level 3 is only after successful completion of NVQ Level 2. The NVQ level 3 is studied over 18 months and students learn a range of more technical skills.

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