How can employment services help the unemployed?

The largest employment service by far is the recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies can be specialised within a particular industry such as construction, catering or education or they can be more general, ranging across many different industries. General recruitment agencies can provide comprehensive advice on writing a CV and cover letter, filling out an application form or undertaking a successful job search. If you are asked to attend an interview at the recruitment office, then the recruitment consultant may ask you to undertake some administrative tests such as typing, proof reading or audio typing. These tests will not only ascertain your skill level but they can highlight areas on which you may need to improve, thereby increasing your chances of obtaining a job. Some of the main recruitment agencies across the UK include Manpower, Reed, Hayes and Brook Street.

Some employment or business support services provide a CV writing service where they will redesign your CV to ensure that it is professionally written, set out correctly, and that the content is of a high quality. In addition, some organisations will also offer to write you a covering letter tailored to your industry to use when you apply for a job. Some organisations will also offer to provide assistance with filling out application forms, and will proof read them once you have finished and suggest areas for improvement.

In addition to the above employment services, the Job Centre Plus may refer you to a partner agency if you are unemployed whereby you can obtain CV advice, seek help with searching for a job or undertake some form of work experience.

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