Employment rights in the UK outlined

Even if your boss is great and you’re basically paid money for nothing, you should still be aware of your employment rights in the UK. There are lots of statutory rights that apply to everyone and cannot be taken away by the contract you’ve signed.
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Statutory rights

Thankfully the law provides each employee with a host of rights that make our working environment more palatable than they might otherwise be. There are too many for us to discuss here, so we’ll outline the most important ones and tell you where you can find information on the others. These statutory rights apply to all workers no matter how many hours a week you work but you have to be contracted to the company you work for, so agency workers, freelance workers aren’t entitled to all of these rights.


You have the right to a written statement of your terms of employment which must be given to you within 2 months of your start date. An itemised pay slip is also a right you have, and the wages earned must be at least equal to the national minimum wage. You are entitled to 28 days paid holiday no matter what your contract says. The amount varies if you’re not working on a fulltime basis and it’s determined on a pro rata basis if your employment started later in the year.


If you’re being made redundant, there are a whole raft of rights that you have including redundancy pay and a consultation period. You also have the right to look for work if you’re being made redundant, so if you find yourself in that position push for time off to job search.

Time off

If you’re 16 or 17 years old, you have the right to time off for studying. Maternity and Paternity leave rights also allow time off and you can’t be told otherwise. You also have the right to flexible working hours to care for a child.

Other rights

If you’re interested in finding out more about other rights or looking further into those we’ve covered, get in touch with Citizens Advice through adviceguide.org.uk.

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