Your options for employer sponsored jobs in Australia

Thinking of taking your talents Down Under to Australia and getting yourself a job that will offer sponsorship? This is the holy grail for a lot of emigrants from the UK. However, in reality, securing this visa to stay on can be a lot harder than many people think, so we have rounded up a few links to try and find employer sponsored jobs in Australia.

If you fancy permanently settling in Australia, then you have two options for applying for a skilled migrant visa. You can apply for a visa without a job. This process can cost upwards of $5000 AUD, and can take up to two years, at the end of which you aren't guaranteed to get the visa. So it is pretty clear to see that trying to find a job that will sponsor you is a much more reasonable proposition!

The Australian Job Sponsorship Visa takes as little as four weeks to secure, once the job is one of those that the Australian Government deems as having a labour shortage. These kind of roles are Anesthetists, Civil Engineers, Dentists, Hospital Pharmacists, OT, Brick layers, Plumbers, Welders, Plasters. The full list of occupations, and advice on this visa can be found at www.aussiemigrant.com.

When it comes to sites for more "professional" style jobs in Australia that will possibly offer sponsorship, then we recommend checking out www.careerone.com.au and Seek at www.seek.com.au. Both of these are extensive professional job sites that allow you to upload your C.V so employers can contact you.

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