Guide to emigrating to Canada from the UK

Canada is one of the world's top emigration destinations, mainly because it offers employment and job schemes to workers from another country. You need a visa to live, work or visit Canada, which can be obtained from the High Commission. There are a few methods you can use when emigrating to Canada from the UK:

Visiting Canada - Even if you want to visit Canada and are not emigrating to Canada from the UK you will still need a temporary resident visa. You must satisfy officials in Canada that you will leave after your visit, you have enough money for your trip and your trip is solely for the purpose of a visit with no intention to remain in Canada. You may also need additional medical checks or a letter of invitation from a resident of Canada. Visiting Canada initially may help you decide whether emigrating is a good idea, and could also lead to a work visa (having work experience in Canada already may increase your chances of obtaining a full visa to emigrate).

Skilled Workers and Professionals - Skilled workers are selected as residents in Canada based on their work experience and education. You need to meet certain criteria before emigrating to Canada from the UK using the Skilled Workers and Professionals scheme; all candidates are scored on a "point" system, which judges certain qualities and allocates points to candidates (i.e., someone who can speak both French and English fluently will obtain more points than someone who can only speak English).

Business Immigration - Emigrating to Canada from the UK with the intention of starting a small business or trading in Canada is normally regulated by the Business Immigration Programme of Canada. Candidates are expected to contributed $80,000 to their trip/business before emigrating and must meet certain net worth or experience criteria before being considered. Self-employed people are limited to farmers, athletes, artists and cultural contributors under this scheme if they do not run a small business or organisation.

Provincial Nominees - One of Canada's provinces can nominate you to work in Canada, where you will be eligible to receive a working visa and resident visa to work in that province. People who have the experience and knowledge to contribute to Canada (or the province's) economy are normally selected and all applicants must be willingly to immediately establish themselves as a permanent resident of Canada.

Canada Experience Class - People intending on emigrating to Canada from the UK and have previous experience working in Canada may have the qualities to become a permanent resident in Canada. Students who studied and graduated in Canada may also be eligible for the Canada Experience Class programme, but applicants with knowledge of Canadian culture will normally have a stronger chance of obtaining a permanent residence visa.

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