Finding the right electrician trade school

There are a number of ways of training to become an electrician in the UK. Trainee electricians can be of any age, and often come from a variety of backgrounds. If you wish to train as an electrician you can choose to attend an electrician trade school, or to undertake an apprenticeship.

Many of the people who choose to train as electricians do so as tradesmen in this area are in high demand. Electricians can also be very well paid, depending on experience and qualifications. Newly qualified electricians can expect to be paid upwards of £16,500 per year, while experienced electricians can earn in the region of £28,000. Self employed electricians often have higher salaries again, depending on their work rate.

The traditional training method for electricians is apprenticeship based. Most apprenticeships are incorporated into a government training program, which allows them to be standardised. These apprenticeships include hands-on experience, theory classes and workshop practise. Apprenticeships typically last approximately four years and successful candidates will receive an NVQ/SVQ level 3 qualification. Further information on apprenticeship courses can be found at apprenticeships.org.uk/.

There are a number of trade schools in the UK which offer electrician training courses. While the quality of these institutions can vary widely, applicants should ensure that the courses being offered are recognised by official bodies. It is very important to check which qualification will be granted by the course, and clients should aim to find schools that offer NVQ level qualifications.

If you wish to become an electrician and you are looking for a good trade school, further information can be found at city-and-guilds.co.uk.

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