Qualifications for electrician jobs in Ireland

Must like the rest of Europe, electrician jobs in Ireland require applicants to have some form of certification to prove they can work safely with electrical. Unless you are already fully certified to become an electrician you will need to obtain a National Craft Certificate in Ireland before starting work alone.

The best way to obtain a National Craft Certificate is to take an apprenticeship with a qualified electrician. The Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) oversees the quality of apprenticeship courses delivered in Ireland and runs in conjunction with Foras Aiseanna Saothair (FAS); any certificate you receive and any course you go on should ideally be certified by the FAS or ETCI, or could you end up with the wrong qualification (or no useful training at all).

Finding Electricians Jobs in Ireland as an Apprentice

You can normally find apprenticeships from a quick Google search but you should also consider contacting ETCI/FAS certified electrical firms and enquiring about any possible vacancies on apprenticeship courses. Larger firms are likely to offer comprehensive training to several hundreds of electricians to allow their own business to expand, but you should expect all companies to be rigorous in their interviewing techniques as they want to find the right applicant who can complete the course and hopefully become an asset to their company.

FAS Apprenticeship Schemes

If you find an apprenticeship course you should contact FAS and ask for information regarding any schemes they have for apprentices. They normally pay for certain expenses or provide financial incentives on some courses. They can also help you find a course if you haven't already got one and explain the process of completing the apprenticeship, including when you receive your qualification and what kind of learning you will undertake.

Once you complete you apprenticeship you normally have the option of staying with the company you took the course with or applying for electrician jobs in Ireland elsewhere. You'll have to complete examinations at the end of your course (the whole course lasting around two years in most cases) to determine your ability as an electrician and must pass these exams before receiving your certificate.


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