Applying for Electrician Jobs in Spain

Moving to another country is a huge deal, especially if you have a family willing to locate with you. Electrician jobs in Spain are actually quite sparse in some cases, so you'll need to do a lot of research before moving and may have to consider becoming self employed. Before moving to Spain you should consider a few points:


How's your Spanish?

You'll need to be fluent in Spanish, especially if you want to become self employed. You wouldn't hire someone in the UK to fix your electrics if they didn't speak English so you shouldn't expect anyone in Spain to do the same. You must have a good grasp of the language before considering any electrician jobs in Spain.


Are you ready to retake you qualifications?

English qualifications won't count for too much in Spain and they certainly won't make you certified. The electrical system in Spain is completely different to the UK so you will have to retake your qualifications, which is also why speaking fluent Spanish is incredibly important.


Have you got enough money to last at least a year?

Think about your finances carefully. You'll have to take new qualifications in Spain, which could take up to 6 months, and then find employment. You need to make sure you'll have enough money behind you to support yourself if things don't work out immediately.


Can you handle being self employed?

If you can't find a standard full time job you'll have to become self employed. Electrician jobs in Spain aren't very popular unless you get lucky; if you become self employed you need to be able to build up a good reputation, which is very important amongst Spanish workers. You should consider working for English people living in Spain if you start out self employed and try to build up a good profile for later work, but expect to start out slow and rocky.

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