The different elderly care jobs available

People are living to an older age and that means that more and more elderly care jobs are available - if you have the qualifications and the skills required. Here are just a few careers that you can choose to look after senior citizens.

A Geriatric Nurse

There are different levels of geriatric nurses, depending on your qualifications and skills. The majority of nurses now require a bachelor’s degree before they can start working – but it is worth asking your local care home for advice. It is possible that you will get a job with an NVQ instead. Nurses will help with general blood work, giving pain medication and just general looking after someone who can no longer live at home.


Something that most people will consider is a caregiver. These elderly care jobs involve going into the homes of the people who need the care. There are different roles, including homemakers and housecleaners. The role that you choose will depend on your strengths and weaknesses. Those who like to cook and prepare meals will excel as a homemaker.

An Occupational Therapist

This role involves looking after senior citizens who are disabled. An Occupational Therapist will work with the elderly people both physically and mentally to help them continue with their daily life. This role is different to the role of a Physiotherapist.

The Physiotherapist

Physios help people move around after an injury as well as helping to manage pain. Plans and programmes are designed with realistic steps and relevant exercises to help strength muscles and get full mobility back after an accident.

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