What is so special about an eFinancial Career?

At efinancialcareers.co.uk, you are assured of access to the best jobs in the finance industry and all over the world. It has sites specifically designed for 22 countries and employs five languages for its services. It also has a Student Centre section to assist students and those looking into a career change in learning more about the work opportunities and lifestyle in the world of an efinancial career.

How to Search for Jobs on This Site

The advanced search option allows you to indicate which keywords you want or do not want to be included in the ad. You can also indicate which sector and sub-sector, as well as location you prefer for work. Lastly, you can indicate whether you wish your position to be full-time or something else, and indicate your preferred currency for your salary.

How to Choose the Best Jobs

Search results at efinancialcareers.co.uk/searchResults.cfm will initially indicate the types of vacancies available, the specific company you will be working for, the location of the job and when the ad was posted. A brief description may be provided.

Most of the time, there is little information available about the salary. Some, however, only provide descriptive terms. A vacancy for a credit risk business analyst in London is described, for instance, to have desirable salary potential. There are, however, instances when salary information is quite specific. One ad for a private bank regional director promises an annual salary of £80k to £110k, plus your own car as well as healthcare and pension and other benefits.

If you are confused as to what type of efinancial career you are most suitable for, just visit the site’s News and Advice section for more tips.

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