Special educational needs training courses for teacher assistants

If you are already a Teaching Assistant or training to be one, then you may also benefit from undertaking one of the special educational needs training courses available. This would allow you to specialise in helping children with special or individual educational needs.

Children with special educational needs require additional support in school to help them learn. You can study a diploma course with the teachingassistantcentre.com by distance learning. Studying by distance learning means you can study at home and fit your training around work or other commitments. You do not need to have any qualifications to begin the course. The course is about 60 hours long. You will learn about the development of children with special educational needs. The course is nationally accredited, and you will study at an equivalent level of a NVQ level 3 course. The course costs about £320 and can be paid by instalments over eight months.

You will most likely add the Special Educational Needs Diploma to support your Teaching Assistant training or experience. However, you can study the course on its own.

With your Special Educational Needs training you can support children under the supervision of a teacher, and prepare individual learning resources to help the children develop understanding. You will also develop personal, educational and behavioural care programmes.

Children with special educational needs are just as diverse as other children. You will be able to use the knowledge you learn to benefit all children in the classroom. Focussing on children with special educational needs helps you develop the individual requirements required by some children with disabilities or learning issues. Your training will be rewarding as you build the confidence of children you work with, and see them develop among their peers.

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