Applying for educational psychology training in the UK

If you want to apply for educational psychology training in the UK you need to meet certain criteria before being considered by most organisations. An educational psychology course is seen as equivalent to a doctoral degree study programme and may require a master degree in some cases, but the general details of for eligibility must be sought from the institutions you want to apply for as all providers have different expectations.

The general criteria all applicants are expected to meet before applying for an educational psychology training course in the UK is:

  • At least a 2:1 at degree level, although some organisations will consider anyone with a 2:2 provided they have extra experience or any other relevant training.
  • Applicants must be eligible for a GBC (Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership) and therefore must have taken a degree course approved by the BPS (British Psychologist Society).
  • You must have already completed your degree - you cannot apply whilst your are in your final year as no conditional offers are given for educational psychology training in the UK.

The very minimum requirement for the course is that applicants obtain eligibility for a GBC, which requires you to have taken a degree accredited by the BPS. If you have taken a master degree but it was not BPS accredited you can still apply, and vice versa if your undegraduate degree was not certified but your master degree was.

Applicants are expected to have knowledge of the UK educational system when applying for a educational psychology training course in the UK but work experience is absolutely essential for most institutions. If you have just completed a degree you will be required to take work experience in an educational role rather than take a master degree, which is not required for the course.


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