Technician jobs in education information technology

In any education setting, technology is used in some capacity, from primary school through to university and these establishments will therefore require a technician to ensure that systems and networks are running correctly and ensuring that equipment is ready to use when required. An IT technician needs to have experience of maintaining and ordering equipment, managing resources and budgets, enjoy working with children and have a proven aptitude within Information Technology.

The equipment that technicians will work with will include Smartboards, printer networks and computers both within classrooms and in ICT suites if the school provide such facilities. A significant proportion of the IT technicians role within some organisations will be the maintenance and management of the website. This will involve adding new content, ensuring that the content is relevant and up to date, and is easily accessible for its users. This may also include the maintenance of online learning platforms where students can access course or study resources.

In terms of skills required to be an IT technician, organisations usually require the applicant to have some experience of having worked within a similar capacity and a good general standard of education is also required including A-C GCSE grades in Maths and English. Applicants are also expected to have knowledge about how information technology is used within education and be able to build positive working relationships with both staff and students.

Work as a IT technician can be obtained from the local authority, universities and colleges within your local area. The job centre website or local media will advertise vacancies as and when they arise.

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