Want to work in education? Teacher training is a must

Although many people in the UK would like to be teachers, if you want a teaching job at any school in the UK, getting an education on a teacher training course is the only way to go. Completing a teacher training course will help you achieve qualified teacher status (QTS) and allow you to work as a primary or secondary school teacher anywhere in the UK.

Graduate Teacher Training Registry (gttr.ac.uk) - You must apply for teacher training through the Graduate Teacher Training Registry (GTTR), as it's the only way for acceptance onto teacher training courses at most UK schools, universities and training colleges.

Courses begin every September, and you can submit your application for acceptance as early as October of the previous year.

You should know which school you want to be admitted to before you submit your application. These are some of the thousands of UK schools offering teacher training:

University of Sunderland (sunderland.ac.uk) - The University of Sunderland offers a one-year Graduate Teacher program, where you not only study but work as a supernumerary unqualified teacher and get paid to do it.

Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, and Edinburgh- These Scottish schools, along with two others, offer a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). The course takes a year, and the applications closing date is December, with the course starting the following September. Get more information about requirements at prospects.ac.uk/teaching_in_scotland_courses.htm.

University of Wales, Cardiff (uwic.ac.uk) - The University of Wales offers a huge choice of teacher training programs from part time to full time, and undergraduate to graduate.

Application deadlines for teacher training courses are at the end of the year previous to when you will start the course, with a variety of dates depending on the course.

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