The two types of education degree courses

There are two main education degree courses available for students who want to become a teacher. The first is through a three or four year bachelor’s degree and the second is through a postgraduate qualification. The option that you take depends on what you want to teach.

Bachelor’s in Education

Those who want to become a primary school teacher usually benefit from taking the bachelor’s degree in education. This is the three to four year course, which covers everything that you will need to know. Primary school teachers need to know a little about every subject, because they will teach one class for the entire time, instead of choosing one subject to teach.

There are a number of education degree courses available, whether you opt for full-time, part-time or online study. Birmingham City University is just one institution in the UK that offers this studying option.

Taking the Postgraduate Route

For those who want to teach secondary school, you need to focus in one subject. This will mean that you benefit more from doing the postgraduate route. You will start off with a regular degree that is within the area that you want to teach, such as Computer Science for IT teaching or Embroidery for Textiles teaching.

Once you have completed your degree, you will go onto to do a one year course. For English and Welsh students that is the PGCE; for Scottish students it is the PGDE. Not every university offers this in the subject that you want to study in so you will need to look around. You do not need to stay at the original institution that you studied in. Glasgow Strathclyde University is just one option that you have for this course.

Newly Qualified Teachers

Once you have finished the education degree courses – whichever option you take – you will need to do one year as a newly qualified teacher. This is compulsory so you are guaranteed a job for the first year. You will have a supervisor checking on your lessons from time to time until you can be accepted as a fully qualified teacher.

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