Where to look for in education courses at university

Education courses at university level qualify a person to be a teacher. Teaching is a rewarding profession, so if you’re interested in working with young people and contribute to their education, you should have a look at these courses offered by different universities across the UK.

One of the universities that offer education courses is the University of Nottingham (nottingham.ac.uk). Here you will find a range of undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, research degrees and teacher training courses.

For example, if you’re interested in becoming a teacher and you already have a relevant degree for the subject you want to teach, you can choose a teacher training course that will give you a Qualified Teacher Status or Postgraduate Certificate in Education. PGCE courses are offered for subjects such as English, geography, history, modern languages, science, maths and more.

If you’re interested in a more flexible program, you should consider the undergraduate education courses offered by the Open University (open.ac.uk). This university offers education courses that are suitable to all types of students. Some of the degrees in education offered by the Open University include Early Years, Youth Work, Childhood and Youth Studies, Mathematics and Its Learnings and more.

Taught and research postgraduate courses are also available for those who are interested in pursuing a master or PhD in educational studies. If you want to know more about the education courses at the Open University, you can either visit the website of the university, open.ac.uk, or request a free prospectus at home.

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