Education City Careers

Education City was founded in 1999, delivering cirriculum content through several technological incentives. By providing online resources, activities, new technology, programmes and keeping with new cirriculum changes, Education City has been one of the pioneers in the evolution of teaching and educational technology. Although most of its products are delivered online, positions are available at their head quarters for the right candidates.

What does Education City do?

In a nutshell, Education City develops exciting teaching technologies and educational content to advance the learning of children and aid teachers in their job. As well as generating a healthy £10 million revenue each year, Education City also works to invest their profits back into the education industry.

To date, the company has received over 20 awards in several categories for their world in education. They have also been shortlisted for over 30 awards, or won second prize and finalist positions in many other categories since their inception in 1999.

Although Education City only develops the tools, programmes and educational aids to help children learn, they employ a number of talented individuals each year. These range from artists to programmers, producers, managerial professionals or long standing teaching professionals. Depending on the type of opening availables, Education City may have positions for any talent or professional sector.

Education City has also announced plans to expand its technological support team in London and Dallas, US. Although no confirmation has been made about future positions, Education City is predicted to have opening for various individuals in the Information Technology sector, possibly across the UK, to aid the maintenance and repairs of their software.

Where can I find jobs?

Until more roles in the Information Technology sector open, Education City careers and roles can be found and applied for through their site, at Educationcity.com/uk/careers-at-educationcity. Currently, their office is located in Oakham, UK, but positions may become available for freelance workers or in London for Information Technology professionals. For professionals looking for jobs in the US, Education City's office is located in Minnesota and Dallas.

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