Find Edinburgh part time jobs online

With a hectic tourist trade and the seasonal highlights at Festival time and Hogmanay, finding Edinburgh part time jobs isn't too tricky. You just have to know where to look.

A good first point of call is Edinburgh Gumtree (gumtree.com), a virtual notice-board for all kinds of part time jobs in the city.

Their website features advertisements for every type of job, from chefs and care assistants to van-drivers, bar staff and janitors. There's a fast turnover, so make sure you check the listings every morning, and apply immediately.

Students looking for part-time jobs have a site dedicated to their needs at studentjob.co.uk. This specialises in putting applicants in touch with companies needing short-term or temporary workers for specific projects. Often this can include handing out flyers or promotional work, but there are numerous employment opportunities that can fit around your studying.

Edinburgh's listings magazine The List (list.co.uk) is available all around town, and its classified ads section often has news of part time jobs. You can even place an ad yourself, offering your services.

To broaden your search beyond the usual service-sector openings, take a look at scottishjobs.com. Jobs here cover an enormous range, from doorstep collections, to catalogue distribution and HGV driving.

If all that surfing is beginning to get you down, don't be afraid to hit the streets. Job Centres might have a limited number of part time jobs, but you can often find openings by checking notice-boards at cafes, community centres and supermarkets.

The key point is to be persistent. Whether it's babysitting or gig security, shopwork or modelling, the right Edinburgh part time jobs are out there waiting for you.


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