Find Edinburgh and Midlothian jobs online

Scotland's capital city and the surrounding area has a busy and volatile jobs market. Staying on top of all the vacancies for Edinburgh and Midlothian jobs is almost a full-time job in itself. A few key websites can help you keep abreast of developments in the job market.

s1 Jobs (s1jobs.com) is the premier site for job-hunters across Scotland. Its database usually holds details of upwards of 1000 jobs in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

The most effective way to use the s1 resource is to register with your qualifications, contact details and the specific kind of work that interests you. You will be emailed details of relevant vacancies as they occur, making sure you don't miss out on that dream job.

The recruitment section of The Scotsman newspaper used to be the traditional place to search for Edinburgh jobs vacancies. Print media has been superseded by the web, noticeably when it comes to recruitment advertising, but their website at jobs,scotsman.com carries plenty of vacancies, particularly for public-sector jobs. You can upload your CV to the site in the hope of attracting potential employers.

For the sort of small, part-time or casual jobs Edinburgh and Midlothian jobs that can slip beneath the radar of the big sites, get into the habit of checking the job pages at gumtree.com/jobs/edinburgh.

This is where hotels, bars and restaurants often advertise for staff. It's also where you can find the ads for those quirky Edinburgh jobs like stage-hands, life models and film extras. There's a quick turnover so check regularly for new openings.


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