We take a look at the Edinburgh Job Center Online jobs sites

Things are tough in Scotland these days. With the recession still gripping the United Kingdom, Scotland seems to be one of the worst affected areas, with jobs at a premium and the number of unemployed people rising weekly. However all hope is not lost thanks to the excellent number of Edinburgh Job Center Online jobs sites available for job hunters eager to get back into the work force.

With dozens of great job sites available it can be tough to decide on which ones are ideal for you and your personal circumstance, so we recommend that you follow our helpful guide and you'll be back in work in no time at all.

scotcareers.co.uk is one of the best websites dedicated to finding work in Scotland, with thousands of jobs listed on the easy to navigate site. Thanks to the clear and clutter free design, you're never any more than a couple of clicks away from your potential dream job in Edinburgh. This site specialises mainly in accountancy, banking and finance, construction and skilled trades, information technology, telecommunications and sales listings, although you'll find plenty more on offer if you spend a little time looking around.

myedinburghjobs.co.uk is another excellent local job resource, focussing entirely on the Edinburgh area and covering a huge number of different industries. It also has a number of helpful guides and informative pages to ensure that your job search goes as smoothly as possible.

We recommend that you be on the lookout for jobs with Lloyds Banking Group, Scotmid, Scottish Gas, Tesco and IBM, as each of these companies are ranked within the top ten major employers in the Edinburgh region.

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