How to use Easter resources for teachers

Why use Easter resources for teachers?

It is always a good idea to spice up your lessons whenever possible. Any resource is a welcome idea and a good break from the regular routine. Now teaching becomes interesting to you and your pupils benefit. They are also intellectually (and often emotionally) stimulated in different ways.

What resources are these?

These resources come in the form of printables:

  1. Colouring pages
  2. Tracing pages
  3. Writing pages
  4. Maths papers

Where can I get them?

Easter resources are widely available on the net. You can usually download these for free and often without registering first. Of course, they are especially popular when Easter is around the corner. A quick search on Google will turn up plenty of results.

How can I be inspired?

A look at the variety of free resources available at your fingertips should inspire you in no time. There is usually a blog in addition to the website you are downloading from. You can find plenty of tips from the blog and examples of how other teachers are using these resources to their advantage. Sometimes you can find videos too. Otherwise, there should be plenty on YouTube.

What else do I need to know?

The lower end of the teaching salary lies around 23,000 pounds per year. 40,000 pounds per year is on the high end. This depends on your experience and whether you are teaching in a rural or city area. Regardless, using different formats to teach enhances both you and your pupils' experience.


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