EASO jobs in Malta help Europe asylum seekers

If you are interested in working with asylum seekers, consider EASO jobs based in Malta. Europe has set up this central body to work through the complex issues surrounding asylum.

The European Asylum Support Office aims to encourage practical cooperation between EU Member States on asylum and to improve the implementation of the Common European Asylum System.

This requires the recruitment of staff for asylum support teams made up of asylum experts, and also workers who can provide scientific and technical back-up for policy-making and legislation in all areas related to asylum issues.

The first place to look for this kind of job is the official EU website under ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/policies/asylum/vacancies, which also has detailed information of the work undertaken by EASO, and the kind of staff they are interested in recruiting.

Applicants must have a university degree or the equivalent, as well as 12 years of professional experience, of which 8 years must be in work closely related to the Office's functions and procedures.

Candidates must also have a thorough knowledge of one of the official EU languages and a satisfactory knowledge of a second language, with the degree of fluency expected depending on the specific duties associated with their job.

Jobs77 Europe (eujobs77.com) is among the best sites for Malta jobs including EASO vacancies and related work for the Office, and can give you an idea of estimated salaries.

Successful applicants for Easo jobs in Malta dealing with Europe asylum issues, will be working at the headquarters of the Support Office, located in Valletta Harbour. It's a beautiful location overlooking the southern Mediterranean.


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