Easier college degrees

If you’d like to study at college but you’re not sure what to do perhaps you should look at the courses that you’re most likely to pass. The easier college degrees are difficult to define because what one person finds easy, another struggles with but we’ll give you some ideas of the areas in which students tend to have the easiest time.
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Business studies

While it’s not fair to class business studies as an easy degree, the wealth of information out there on the subject and the fact that most of us will know people in industry who can help with examples of situations they’ve faced during their working life and advice on the subject makes this easier than other courses. The course’s vocational nature means it’s great for anyone serious about finding employment off the back of it.


Sorry to anyone who’s already studying this but it’s one of the easier degrees. This is a degree that may not be that marketable when you come to look for work but it’s something that you should be able to pass without too many issues.


Arguing that maths is easier isn’t going to work with those who need a calculator to work everything out but it is one of the easier degrees if you have an aptitude for it.

Are all courses easy?

Are all courses too easy? Experts believe that across the board standards are slipping. Studies show that most courses take no more than 20 hours a week of a student’s time. That’s akin to part time hours for working people. Degrees in medicine and dentistry though, along with courses in veterinary science, are known to take up at least 30 hours a week so there are definite differences in the types of courses students choose to take up.

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