Top jobs for an earth scientist

As an earth scientist, your skills would be sought after in a huge number of different sectors. This demand is usually reflected in the salary, which averages around £35,000. However, you will be expected to be highly qualified in your field - with the majority of earth scientists possessing graduate degrees and higher.


Geology is one of the most popular earth scientist careers in the UK. Geologists typically study solid earth, its rocks and minerals on the surface or near-surface of the earth. Geologists typically take a long term perspective on natural processes and the story of the earth - often over millions or billions of years. Most of their studies are based on fieldwork and observation.


Hydrologists concentrate their research on surface and near surface water - for example, rivers, lakes and streams. Hydrologists typically study the chemical composition of the water or the physical movements of the water.


Oceanographers study the ocean as a whole, while marine biologists concentrate on the living creatures within the ocean. Oceanographers are concerned with the physical properties of the ocean, including the interaction between fresh adn salt water, the atmosphere and polar ice caps. Many oceanographers carry out extended fieldwork on ships and boats.


Many people associate meteorology with weather forecasts, but meteorologists also take a wider view of the atmosphere and its processes and interactions. As well as studying precipitation patterns, temperatures, oceanic movements, they also study things like tornado formation, tropical storm patterns, climate change and the hole in the ozone layer.


Geochemistry is an earth scientist career that focuses on the elements that make up the world, and how they behave and interact. Modern geochemists will use computer modelling to measure and explain the chemical composition of the earth, water and atmosphere and how it changes over time (for example, from pollution or volcanic eruptions).

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