You can earn extra money from home in the UK!

Want to earn extra money from home in the UK? We could all use a little spare cash every now and again, especially in these tough economic times when average earnings just don't seem to be keeping up with the cost of living. Thankfully, there are ways to boost your income - and some of these don't even require you to leave the house! Here we offer some good ideas for making money with work from home jobs...

  • Start selling on eBay. Recent reports show that the number of "eBay millionaires" has more than doubled in the last few years. You too could enjoy a slice of the pie by starting up your own eBay business. One of the best things about eBay is that you can start small, with minimal start up costs. It's a good idea to practice your selling techniques by selling some of your own unwanted good before you move into wholesaling.
  • Teach English online. The number of people learning English has rocketing in recent years, particularly in Asia. This means that anyone who is a native speaker of English has a real potential to make money tutoring language students online. You usually won't require any formal teaching qualifications or experience, but if you want to work with a company rather than on a self employed basis, it would be useful to have a TEFL, or preferably CELTA qualification.
  • Apply for online assistant jobs. If you have experience working in admin or as a secretary or PA, you have everything you need to work as an online assistant. Search on Gumtree or major job sites for the latest vacancies.


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