Find out more about DWP vacancies

An interesting and rewarding career awaits public sector minded individuals looking for DWP vacancies. We look in detail at how to get that all elusive DWP job, giving tips on how to apply and explaining what the SWP can offer you in order for you to make a real difference to people's lives.

The selection process for DWP vacancies is based on competencies: behavioural and professional. Competencies are skills and abilities that you may have gained in any area of your life – at work, home, school, leisure activities or voluntary work.

DWP workers come into contact with most people in Britain at some point, so DWP vacancies give you an opportunity to really make a difference to people's lives. They also offer an excellent package of substantial benefits as well as a variety of different roles with the department.

Currently the DWP employs over 100,000 people. So if you apply for a job with them, you could be working in a local Jobcentre Plus or even in a regional Pension Centre. All DWP vacancies are advertised in local and national press, as well as at Jobcentres.

If you really want to get ahead, why not check out the 'current vacancies' section of the DWP website? If you're from Leeds, Sheffield or London, you may be eligible for the DWP's Procure Management Development Scheme or their Financial Management Development Scheme. Interestingly enough, the DWP also offers a guaranteed interview scheme for disabled applicants who meet their minimum selection criteria, so there's a commitment to equality there.

Careers at the DWP are there for the taking for those applicants with enough drive and persistence. And once achieved, the rewards and benefits are quite impressive, especially considering the current economic situation. So all you public sector-oriented individuals who want to change people's lives and have a positive effect on communities should get in touch with the DWP and see what vacancies are there for you!

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