DVLA Jobs in Swansea

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is headquarted in Swansea. The DVLA provides jobs in Swansea, and throughout the UK in 39 local centres and 12 enforcement divisions. The regional call centre is based in Swansea. In total, the DVLA employs over 7,000 people in a variety of administrative positions.

On average, the DVLA recruits more than 700 employees each year for a mix of permanent and casual employment. Recruitment is ongoing and current opprtunities for DVLA jobs in Swansea are regularly updated on the Civil Service Gateway website.

Types of DVLA Jobs at the Swansea HQ

Many Swansea DVLA employees process tax discs and registrations, but there are other administrative, analyst and policy development opportunities related to road safety initiatives and the future of transport planning in the UK. Applicants can also apply for more specific research positions in planning, engineering and carbon emission reduction. Customer service opportunities abound, and there are numerous jobs for call centre representatives. Ideal candidates will need to have people skills and the ability to deal with upset customers.

Management roles exist in both the business support and business operations divisions of the Swansea DVLA. Graduates with a 2:1 degree or higher in any field of study can apply for the graduate management scheme, gaining two years of experience in business while working towards a diploma in management and earning a starting salary of over £22,000.


DVLA jobs at Swansea offer benefits including 30 days of annual leave, 10.5 bank holidays, choice of pensions, opportunities to study and train for additional qualifications, employee-friendly policy including initiaves to support healthy living, and flexible working hours including various shifts and part time options.

The Swansea facility includes a variety of perks including a fitness centre with showers, a nursery, healthcare facilities and restaurants.


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