Discover ductfitter jobs in Newcastle

Large construction firms and engineering services are hiring experienced ductfitters, ductfitter assistant/mates in Newcastle. Candidates who are ready to work at construction sites can apply for these posts. Ductfitters are required to set up and install the duct system in a building. Their services are required during construction.

In Newcastle, ductfitter jobs are available for both part time and full time employees. Part time ductfitter jobs are available at different construction sites where they have to assist in movement of materials and installation. A part time ductfitter can earn up to £10 per hour. For ductfitter mates this rate is usually £6 per hour.

Hexa services and Randstad CPE are two major employment agencies who are operating in Newcastle. They are ready to pay £8 to £10 per hour for skilled ductfitters. Most of their jobs are on a part time basis. Interested candidates must have a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card to apply in those posts.

Different HVAC companies are looking for full time ductfitters in Newcastle as well. Companies such as AASL Recruitment, Catfoss Recruitment LTD, Gold Recruitment Services LTD and Multitask Personnel Limited are looking for permanent ductfitters. Key responsibilities in these jobs are duct system installation, repairing and consultancy. Average pay for ductfitter jobs in Newcastle is £15 per hour.

Ductfitters play an important part in any construction. Experience, skill and hard labour are required to be successful in this profession. For more information you can visit: jobisjob.co.uk or alternatively vacancycentral.co.uk.


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