Interested in Dublin Zoo jobs in Ireland?

Dublin Zoo jobs in Ireland are ideally suited to people who care about animals and their conservation.

Dublin Zoo, in the Phoenix Park in Dublin, is the largest zoo in Ireland and third oldest zoo in the world after London and Paris. It attracts close to a million visitors per annum.

There are many different types of jobs available in Dublin Zoo. These jobs include zoo keepers, ticket sales personnel, retail staff, catering staff, gardeners and veterinary staff or as an educator working in the education department of the zoo/

A zoo keeper needs to have a genuine interest in animals and their welfare and an interest in conservation. They should be fit and healthy, not afraid of hard physical work and prepared to work regular weekends. Self discipline is important and also being able to work well as pert of a team. A zoo keeper should be happy to talk to visitors and answer questions.

The work involves cleaning out dens and enclosures; preparing food; observing animals and keeping records; giving talks to visitors and working with the vet if animals become ill.

After a six-month probationary period, keepers start a two-year course. This involves learning about nutrition, enclosure design, health, safety and hygiene, restraint and transport of animals, conservation, disease and the husbandry needs of different types of animal.

Many people who are interested in Dublin Zoo jobs in Dublin volunteer first or try to get a work placement there. This provides them with an insight into what it is like to work in the zoo and is a very good idea for jobseekers to check out.

Dublin Zoo jobs are very rewarding. For more information check out Dublin Zoo website.

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