The best places to check out for Dublin jobs

Are you living in Dublin and looking ot snare yourself a fantastic new job? It is a tough jobs market out there right now, but there are still jobs in the Dublin region for hard working individuals. In this blog, we are going to show you a few brilliant places to check out for Dublin jobs, so let's check out what is out there!

Despite being in the economic toilet, Dublin is still a fantastic centre for work and jobs as it contains the European headquarters for a number of huge multi-national companies. The first of these companies we think you should take a look at for these jobs is Facebook, and they are always looking for bright and enthusiastic staff at their European HQ in Dublin city centre. You can check out their careers page at Facebook.com/careers/department.php?dept=dublin.

Another one of these massive multi-national companies is Google, and they have their European HQ on Barrow St in Dublin 2, and their careers page can be found at google.ie/intl/en/jobs/.

Another hugely successful company that is well worth checking out for a potential job is Paddy Power and they regularly have a huge number of openings in their Tallaght operation. You can check out their recruitment site at workwithpaddy.com. They have a huge range of roles available, from number crunching mathematics jobs to run of the mill admin positions.

Finally, why not throw a cursory glance at the civil service jobs site at publicjobs.ie. While there may not be the huge amount of jobs available as there was in the past, there are still openings popping up all the time.


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