Everything you need to know about finding a new job in Dublin, Ireland

When looking for jobs in Dublin, Ireland you need to make sure that your CV is looking its best. It should be noted that your CV should never be more than two pages long or have any mistakes on it. If you have any mistakes, you will find it very hard securing an interview. Get some excellent advice for free about writing your CV from CVspecial.co.uk.

You will find dozens of recruitment agencies scattered in every part of County Dublin. These are an excellent way of finding out about the latest vacancies. You simply need to drop in and register with one of them. A recruitment specialist will then take a look at your CV and if you suit any of their jobs, they will arrange an interview for you. Try any of the following excellent agencies:

  • Hays Recruitment - 2 Dawson Street, Dublin
  • Excel Recruitment - Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7
  • Brightwater Recruitment - 36 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Job websites are always worth visiting when looking for a new job in Dublin. There are loads of these websites online advertising hundreds of new positions each day. The websites allow you to apply directly for any jobs you like by simply uploading your CV. You can even register for job alerts by email meaning that you will get all the latest jobs delivered to your email inbox every day. Some of the best known and most popular job websites in Dublin, Ireland are:

  • Dublinjobs.ie
  • Jobs.ie/dublin
  • Dublincityjobs.ie
  • Gumtree.ie
  • Fas.ie


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