Dublin Airport Security Vacancies: The Basics

Security agents at Dublin Airport are responsible for ensuring the safe travel of all passengers. Employees in these critical positions must check passengers and their belongings to make sure prohibited items do not enter the plane.

Dublin Airport security vacancies are typically filled on a periodic basis, depending on the number of passengers passing through the airport each day. Occasionally mass hiring takes place in the event of major expansion -- for example, when the terminal two building was added to the airport.

Opportunities for employment are not limited to a particular gender. However, because a female agent must search a female passenger and a male agent must search a male passenger, airport security vacancies may be specifically limited to a male or female depending on the numbers and genders of current employees.

Background and reference checks for candidates who apply to work at Dublin airport are extensive. Applicants must present two valid forms of identification from a passport, drivers licence or birth certificate, and non-nationals must also be prepared to provide a GNIB card. Each applicant must provide a 10-year address history and five-years of previous work history. If there are any gaps in the CV, a professional -- such as a doctor or solicitor -- or police officer must provide a letter of reference to verify that the candidate is "of good character".

For applicants interested in a position at Dublin Airport security, vacancies are generally advertised on the Dublin Airport Authority website. The airport also uses a recruitment agency -- currently Flexsource Solutions -- to recruit for airport vacancies.

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