The best places to find dry lining jobs abroad

Dry liners build internal walls in structures using plasterboard on timber or metal frames. An apprenticeship or college course will provide you with the skills and industry recognised qualifications to pursue dry lining jobs abroad. The work demands that you have practical skills, attention to detail, the ability to read technical drawings and to work safely alone or part of a team.

There is a real shortage of skilled labour in many countries worldwide at the moment. It is important to decide on a destination with a high probability of work and with a culture and climate to suit you.

Australia is crying out for dry liners at the moment. Jobsites such as myconstructionjobsearch.co.uk advertise vacancies in Australia. You can search for jobs by location and apply online. You can also try applying directly to dry lining businesses in Australia. If you can find yourself a sponsor offering a job you will be entitled to a work visa.

Many people go to Australia on a holiday visa initially, find work and qualify for a visa. New Zealand is no different and with the spate of earthquakes there recently there are plenty of dry lining jobs available.

If you want to avoid the hassle of sponsors and visas you might consider somewhere closer to home, like Germany. Despite the global economic downturn Germany's construction sector remains strong.

Jobsites such as eujobs77.com and jobcrawler.co.uk have up to date listings of dry lining jobs. Other popular destinations for dry lining jobs abroad include Canada and the United Arab Emirates.


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