The AA: one of the best-known driving schools in the UK

The AA is one of the best known driving schools in the UK. You will be taught by one of their 2,000 skilled and experienced driving instructors. The AA driving school uses fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors. You will learn in either a new Ford Focus or Fiesta. The AA driving school will provide you with the information you will need to pass your theory and practical tests with printed and online lesson resources.


The AA offer discounts occasionally, with two half-price lessons starting from £10.50 per hourly lesson as an introductory offer. You can book your lessons by telephone or online. If you book online, you can choose your driving instructor and book times to suit you. You may be offered discounts on booking lessons in advance. The full price for five lessons is about £125, and you can save a further £2 per lesson if you book more than six hours. AA members will get special rates.

Start Up Membership

If you are a young person when you book your first lesson, then The AA will give you one year’s free Start Up Membership, with discounts on future year’s membership if you upgrade your breakdown policy.

Extra courses

You can also complete the Pass Plus course after you pass your driving test. The Pass Plus course can help you enhance your newly acquired driving skills further. Completing the course may also get you discounted car insurance. You can also take other courses, such as Drive Confident, Eco Driving and Motorway Driving, in addition to you learner driver course, so that you can be as good a driver as you can be.

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