Tips for choosing driving schools in London

Now that you have decided to learn how to drive, you need to go through the process of sifting through the driving schools in London to find the one that you feel will be right for you. You want to find a school and instructor that offers compassion and safety. When it comes to driving jobs, being a driving instructor takes a special kind of person and you want one that fits with you.

Different Types of Companies

Keep in mind that not all advertisers are big companies. There are many instructors that provide driver training that are self-employed. Having an instructor that is freelance might be seen as a plus, while others may prefer a larger company with several instructors to choose from. Ask how many instructors are employed by the school if you have a preference.

Nearly every school provides Pass Plus instruction and most also offer intensive driving courses for those who need or want to learn to drive in a hurry.

Where to Look First

You can always start with the good old standby, the telephone directory, and call up several of the driving schools listed. Keep notes about the companies you call and what their rates are. Note how you are greeted and handled while on the phone, as this could be a good indicator of what your future experiences will be like.

Search the Internet

Searching the Internet for driving schools in and around London should offer more information than what you will see in the telephone directory. Companies can provide more information, and then you can still call them on the phone to see what kind of reception you receive. Here are several schools in the London area.

  • Britannia Driving School, Britannia-driving-school.co.uk, 020 8543 8050
  • Logic Driving School, logicdrivingschool.co.uk, 07528 082 554
  • Chandnis School of Motoring, go-csm.co.uk, 07956 241 498
  • Easy Pass Driving School, easypassdrivingschool.com, 07886 195 715
  • The Driving College, drivingcollege.co.uk, 020 8281 7777

These are but a few of the driving schools in London that are waiting to help put you behind the wheel of a car!

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