Learn to drive with driving lessons intensive course

As nowadays it is essential to have a driving license in order to increase job prospects, many people are interested in learning to drive as soon as possible. If you are one of them, you may check a driving lessons intensive course that will help you get your license in a short period of time. Unlike normal courses, these intensive courses will get you ready for you test in ten days or even less. Here are some driving schools that offer intensive driving courses.

Learning 2 Drive (learning2drive.co.uk) is a school that offers one week intensive courses. With this type of course, it is possible to take the DSA driving test and get your licence in a single week. The school also offers assistance for preparing your theory and hazard perception test. There are plenty of resources on the website that may help you gaining your licence from your first try.

Another school you may choose for an intensive driving course is 5 Day. As its name suggests, this school specialises in 5-day intensive driving courses. When booking a course with this school, you get one to one driving tuition as well as theory preparation. The school accepts all levels of driving abilities, including beginners. You can contact the school online for bookings (5day.co.uk).

Car Captain (carcaptain.com) also offers intensive driving courses on both manual and automatic cars. The school offers courses at all levels and you can easily book your course online. The site has a live chat feature in case you have any questions about the courses.

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