Driving Jobs at Manchester Airport: job description and requirements

Manchester Airport employs thousands of people in a number of capacities. While there are many positions within the airport terminals themselves, there are also jobs available in the grounds of the airport. For example there are many positions for bus drivers in Manchester Airport, who transport passengers between the carparks and the terminals. While training is provided, the driving jobs at Manchester Airport have certain requirements attached to them.

If you enjoy driving you may wish to consider a job as a bus driver in Manchester Airport. While the primary role of bus drivers in the airport is to transfer passengers between the carparks and the terminals, they must also bear in mind that safety is paramount. Drivers must be very conscious of the safety of their passengers at all times, and must always drive carefully and alertly within the grounds of the airport. Those who hold >driving jobs at Manchester Airport must also be prepared to assist passengers with their luggage if necessary. This can involve placing luggage on luggage racks within the bus, or helping passengers to carry bags onto or out of the bus.

As Manchester Airport remains open twenty-four hours a day, bus drivers must be prepared to work in shifts. Generally driving jobs at Manchester Airport are allocated in twelve hour shifts, with regular breaks. In order to qualify to be a bus driver, candidates must be at least 21 years old. They must also be in possession of a full EU driving licence. In order to drive a bus containing passengers, drivers must also hold a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) licence. Training for this licence may be provided by some companies, or candidates can attain one independently. If you would like to find out more about driving jobs at Manchester Airport, further information can be found at u-xplore.com/manchesterairport.

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